Industrial Sector Solutions

Enabling Canada’s business leaders to excel fuels our commitment to success. It’s about applied innovation and the drive to make things better. More efficient. More productive. Safer.  Whether it’s the oil and gas, mining or utility industries, it’s about providing innovative turnkey solutions that address a client’s full range of needs and keep our economy running, flowing and growing.

Our industrial clients compete on a global stage. To excel and win, Canadian industry requires a support team that is experienced, innovative and ready for any challenge. People with a can do attitude and a perspective focussed on shared responsibility. It’s about understanding our client’s business and operating effectively and intelligently as a dedicated member of their team. Client-focused and driven by a sense of urgency and purpose. We are proud contributors to the success of Canadian business. Powerful and lasting solutions come naturally when people work together, inspired by a shared vision of success.

We are Stuart Olson. People empowering Canadian business.

OIL and Gas

The Canadian oil and gas industry is globally respected for its innovative leadership. It is also a major economic engine that affects every sector of Canada’s economy.

Our ability to deliver a complete range of construction and maintenance services has earned us a reputation as a reliable and trusted partner, resulting in long-term maintenance services agreements for multiple services across multiple sites. Our experience includes everything from heavy oil, refining and petrochemical facilities to SAGD (Steam-Assisted-Gravity-Drainage). In our business, earning the confidence of our clients is everything.

Stuart Olson. People keeping Canada’s engine running.


“This project was pivotal for Xstrata Nickel. The Strathcona Mill has ramped up to design capacity with very few commissioning difficulties and this is a testament to everyone on the project.” Kevin McAuley, Manager, Procurement, Information Technology and Business Development
Sudbury, Ontario | Xstrata Project

  • Oilsands 260 kV  Substation
Oil Sands 260kV Substation Alberta, Canada

This $40 million project was successfully completed in 2013. The scope of work included the turnkey construction of new 260kV and 35kV sub-stations including: 9 km of power line complete; 34 tower structures; major highway crossing & utility crossings including existing 260kV and 25kV lines; with all tower base foundations were performed under difficult circumstances. The project required the supervision of 14 subcontractors, workface planning, detailed cost reporting and forecasting and pre-commissioning services. At its peak the project required 205 personnel and 266,500 man hours to completion.

<strong>Shell Albian</strong></li>'> X
    • NIICI Shell Albian
Shell Albian From 2008-2010, NIICI completed the mechanical insulation on tanks & vessels, cladding, commissioning, valued at $25M.



The mining industry has been a driver of the Canadian economy for 150 years. We’re proud to say that we’ve played a major part in its growth.

Our experience allows us to serve clients across Canada and the Territories in often remote work locations. As a result, we’ve been involved in many of Canada’s largest projects, recently completing multi-service construction of one of the newest gold milling complexes in Canada. We build infrastructure and facilities across all mineral groups and provide the maintenance services needed to keep things running efficiently.

Stuart Olson. People exploring new opportunities.


“I would like to express my gratitude…for a job well done on the Christina Lake Regional Development Project… pipeline insulation. Your people… were a pleasure for all of us to work with.” Larry Daughtry, Project Manager
Kiewit/WorleyParsons MEG JV Partnership | Oil Sands Project, Alberta, Canada

  • AuRico Gold - Backfill Paste Plant-1
  • AuRico Gold - YD - Paste Backfill Plant-1
Aurico Gold Ontario, Canada This $115 million, multi-stage project required 400+ field personnel and over 530,000 man hours to complete. The total project scope and service delivery included supervision of the entire process, labour and equipment for the construction of a new gold mill concentrator and paste plant including plant internal structural steel, equipment installation, piping, electrical, instrumentation, controls, HVAC, insulation,  steel fabrication, cladding, roofing, exterior doors and finishes, and plant commissioning. Following the successful completion of this project, the client rehired Stuart Olson for follow-up capital construction and due to our large project multi-services mining construction capabilities.

  • Rio Tinto Rendering
Mining Construction British Columbia, Canada This current British Columbia based capital project is valued at approximately $50 million and at completion will exceed 400,000 man hours utilizing a peak crew of 150 trade personnel. The scope of work includes the installation of approximately 200,000 sq. meters of roofing and wall cladding for industrial buildings. When this ground breaking project is complete, it will be one of the most environmentally responsible and sustainable mining and minerals processing facilities in operation globally.
  • potash
Multiple Potash Expansions Saskatchewan, Canada. The expansion of the Saskatchewan potash industry resulted in the construction of multiple projects for several owners on multiple sites. With an ongoing value estimated at over $100 million, the completion of these projects is instrumental in expanding and modernizing the Saskatchewan potash production base. The scope of work included the supply and installation of mechanical insulation, HVAC and dust collection systems, building cladding, firestop as well as asbestos abatement. At peak, the projects required 150+ trade personnel and will exceed 1,000,000 man hours at completion.
<strong>Rio Tinto Alcan Kitimat Modernization Project</strong></li>'> X
Rio Tinto Alcan Kitimat Modernization Project British Columbia, Canada New Aluminum Smelter in Kitimat BC replacing ½ of the existing smelter which was built in 1954. Once completed it will be the most modernized environmentally friendly smelter in operation globally. Our $33M scope of work included all the buildings’ roofing and wall Cladding.
<strong>AuRico Gold – Backfill Paste Plant Electrical & Mechanical</strong></li>'> X
    • AuRico Gold - YD - Paste Backfill Plant-1
  • Pumps
  • AuRico Gold - Backfill Paste Plant 
AuRico Gold – Backfill Paste Plant Electrical & Mechanical Ontario Canada This $8.4M project consisted of installing a new Paste Backfill Plant for the existing mine. Stuart Olson provided the complete installation of equipment, piping, electrical, instrumentation, steel fabrication and erection.



The supply and delivery of power will drive growth across Canada for years to come. We depend on it to power our communities and our economy.

Our experience is unmatched whether its hydro, natural gas, coal, nuclear or renewal groups including wind, solar and wood waste. With our integrated, multi-services approach, we have the unique ability to delivery turnkey construction solutions for power generation facilities and power substations. Our approach also depends on collaboration with our clients to tailor services to meet their long-term construction and maintenance needs.

We are Stuart Olson. People powering the nation.




Mid-streaming is all about matching market opportunity with know-how to create value. It requires creativity, timing and deep understanding of the industry.

We understand the process and support our mid-streaming clients by delivering on all their construction needs once a mid-streaming contract is in place to underpin a capital investment. Whether it is a brownfield or greenfield gas processing facility, we bring a full range of construction and maintenance services, starting with earth works and ending with electrical and instrumentation, along with commissioning and start-up.

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The pulp and paper industry has been an important part of Canada’s economy since confederation. Today, while undergoing change, it remains an important economic driver.

We have proudly served the industry since 1911. Our ability to operate in remote and challenging areas in British Columbia and Northern Ontario has enabled us to provide construction and maintenance services to long standing customers on projects large and small. Our integrated service approach allows us to streamline the building process and provide the long term maintenance needed to keep things running.

Stuart Olson. People building tradition and trust.